'Explosion' of cod greeted with mixed response

An explosion of cod in Ireland has been met with mixed response with ‘rod and line’ anglers celebrating but the commercial boys left with frustration due to quota limits.

The huge numbers of fish in the Celtic Sea has astonished both fishermen and marine scientists but bumper catches are now benefiting only French and British trawler operators.

Such has been the inexplicable recovery in cod numbers off the Wexford, Waterford and Cork coasts that even day-trip anglers are now enjoying big hits of cod.

However, the recovery in numbers of one of the most valuable fish available to Irish fishermen has proved hugely frustrating for operators.

While French and British boats are savouring their best catches in 25 years, Irish fishermen have no option but to dump valuable catches once tight quota limits are exceeded.
In one incident, Irish boats were forced to dump six tonnes of cod amid fears of crippling fines if they attempted to land the catch.