XRS handles put focus on strength

UK tackle manufacturer Tri-Cast is renowned for producing extra-strong poles, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it also makes an extremely robust range of XRS Easy Reach landing net handles.

In terms of manufacturing quality, material strength and pricing there is little on the market that even comes close to matching the three XRS (Xtra Reinforced System) handles.

The full range consists of a two-piece 8ft 3ins take-apart handle, a three sectioned telescopic version at the same length and now a new three-piece XRS Easy-Reach 12ft 6ins take-apart model.

All the take-apart handles are designed with a detachable foot-long strong carbon push-over end section that has a standard threaded end fitting. This allows quick removal when you need to tip a big fish directly into your keepnet. Another brass thread is fitted underneath the removable section and allows the handles to be used in the normal fashion.

These amazingly strong and rigidly stiff handles display incredible strength considering they have such slim diameter sections and are built with double-reinforced carbon cloth over-wraps on all stress points. The brass threads are elongated to prevent them from pulling out or splitting the carbon ¬ and then they are pinned into place for extra security.

8ft 3ins (2.514m) take-apart
handle: £27.99
12ft 6ins (3.81m) handle
take-apart: £42.99
8ft 3ins (2.514m) telescopic
handle: £34.99