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UK-based carbon manufacturer Tri-Cast has this week announced that it will be launching three new poles for the forthcoming season ¬ and they all feature groundbreaking pole technology.

They have been in development for the past 12 months and are said to be the best that Tri-Cast has ever produced, thanks to a new carbon the company has been able to utilise taken straight from the aerospace industry.

The very special carbon cloth has been used by the company for the last seven years to fulfil its space industry contracts, but up until now the Rochdale-based manufacturer has not been allowed to use this technology in the development of its carbon fishing poles.

The highly specialised material uses less resin to bind the carbon together, which results in a much lighter and stiffer pole. It is said to still retain all the linear strength that Tri-Cast’s poles have become famous for, and is claimed to take the art of polefishing to a ‘new and exciting level’.

It is expected that the new models will be released around the middle of April.

The full line-up consists of the new flagship Trilogy XS Competition, mid-range Veriton XS Competition and Senator XS Competition. All are classed as 15.7m poles and prices range from £1,199.99 to £1,999.99.

In the past the poles have been scrutinised by some as they are sold at 15.7m and not the 16m the UK market has grown accustomed to. The company has now addressed this problem by supplying each with an 80cm mini-butt that will take the overall length of each pole (including the tip section) to 16.5m. This allows plenty of room for cutting back and you can be certain you are still fishing with at least 16m of pole.

Current owners of Tri-Cast poles will be glad to hear that the new models have all been created on the same generic mandrel that has proved so successful in the past. The only change is the use of the new carbon, so all top kits and sections from its Aristocrat, Finnesse Competition and Tech-Lite poles can be carried over to the new models.

As with all of the Tri-Cast range, the poles carry a manufacturer’s rating of No16 elastic, although knowing Tri-Cast, in reality these poles will easily be able to cope with a No20.

Each of the poles also comes with a free promotion voucher that allows you to choose either a Match top-3 Kit or a Big Bore Power top-2 kit of your choice. This will give you a total of nine top kits plus a cupping kit.

Tri-Cast has always prided itself on its ability to manufacture the very strongest of poles, which is a vital part of what an angler requires in a modern day match pole. And, with this advancement in its poles making them lighter, stiffer and longer than before, they look set to gain an even wider following.