Unique Frenzee feeder system revealed

Wales-based tackle company Frenzee has expanded its range to incorporate a new design of cage and plug feeder which is available in Universal and Inline versions.

Both feature a unique body design where the weight is incorporated into a moulded plastic compound. This means that the feeder is a simple one-piece design that will not break, shatter or come apart.

The Universal cage and plug feeders feature a clever design that allows you to choose between fishing them on a fixed paternoster with a solid insert pulled through the centre of the feeder. Alternatively you can run an elasticated connector (supplied) through the middle and then fish the feeder inline as a semi-fixed bolt rig.

Frenzee’s two feeders are also available as free-running Inline models. The line is passed through the centre and then you attach one of the two swivels supplied to your mainline. This sits neatly inside a recess at the base of the feeder. A nose cone sits at the top of the feeder to make the rig neat and tidy.

All these feeders are available in medium and large sizes with weights that range from 20g to 45g.

Price: £3.49 for the universal feeders and £2.99 for the inline feeders.

Spare elastics are available at £2.49 for a pack of two.