UK anglers vote White Acres as the nation's No1 coarse fishery

White Acres has been crowned Britain’s best fishery in a huge survey of the nation’s anglers.

Commercial venues dominated the voting, filling all but five of the top 50 places, with rivers accounting for only four positions, and canals just one.

Thousands of votes were cast by readers of Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine, and after all the entries were counted, the 13-lake Cornish complex emerged victorious.

Variously described as “The Disneyland of fishing” and “having everything the visiting angler could wish for” fishery boss Clint Elliott was delighted to get the endorsement of Britain’s angling public.

“It’s a great honour to be voted top venue in the country,” he said. “We pride ourselves in offering more than just fishing and ensuring that every member of a visiting party, from babes-in-arms to grandpa, is well catered for.”

Taking second place in the survey was Staffordshire’s Cudmore Fishery, home of the Fish O’Mania final and the Go Fishing Show, followed in third by the burgeoning Lindholme Lakes complex near Doncaster.

The results of the survey serve as further proof of the waning popularity of running water venues. Only the Rivers Severn (15th place), Trent (25th), Nene (34th) and Thames (41st) broke into the list, and only one canal – the Basingstoke – which came in joint 50th.

John Williams, secretary of Birmingham AA – one of the biggest fishing clubs in the country, which has considerable river holdings – is saddened by the findings.

“Angling has been following a predictable, one-dimensional route ever since the closed season was lifted on stillwaters and I’m not surprised by these results at all.

“I have nothing against stillwater fisheries, but I think angling is all the poorer for breeding fishermen who have never experienced a river and have never learned the true art of watercraft. Too many have opted to fish poles for tame carp and don’t even own a rod or a reel – it’s a crying shame.”


1 – White Acres, Cornwall
2 – Cudmore, Staffs
3 – Lindholme Lakes, S Yorks
4 – Woodlands, N Yorks
5 – Monk Lakes, Kent
6 – Larford Lakes, Worcs
7 – Docklow Pools, Hereford
8 – Packington Somers, Warwickshire
9 – Makins Fisheries, Warks
10 – Tunnel Barn Farm, Warks