The Z Fish caught from Bluebell Lakes at 51lb 7oz

Ian Still had only one fish during his 48-hour session on Bluebell Lake’s Swan Lake, but he certainly wasn’t complaining when it turned out to be the Northants day-ticket venue’s biggest carp, the Z Fish, at a weight of 51lb 7oz.

After finding a clear area at around 80yds, the 29-year-old received the all-important bite within an hour and a half of getting his rigs in position.

“From the way it screamed off I assumed at first that I had hooked into one of the lake’s large catfish,” said the Stockton-on-Tees-based rod. “But after 20 minutes it rolled on the surface and I recognised it as the Z Fish.

At this point my legs went to jelly, but thankfully 10 minutes later I had it safely in the net.”

He fooled it with two pieces of artificial corn offered in a solid PVA bag filled with crushed Sticky Baits Bloodworm boilies and XS pellets.