The Joy of My Little Girl's First Fish

 It's easy to get bored by another tale of a monster carp or a huge bag of fish, this is what it's really all about. After much coaxing I took Gabbie, my 8 year old daughter, to our local park pond to have a go with Dad. Using my own first reel, an Intrepid Boyo and a cheap tele spinning rod, she spent 2 hours trying to get her casting together with great success and determination going through the frustration of missing countless bites. Just as a text came in from Mum saying dinner was in the dog, Gabbie, struck and hooked into her very first fish! She played it like a natural and landed the little skimmer bream in the photo (taken by Sophie my 5 year old). Gabbie's facial expression in the attached picture has reminded me exactly why I became addicted to fishing as a boy - this is what it's all about.

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