The biggest brace of perch ever caught in fishing history

The biggest brace of perch of all time has been taken from a stillwater in Herts, Angling Times can reveal.

Weighing in at a colossal 5lb 10oz and 4lb 12oz, the amazing capture was down to the perseverance of specimen angler Ken Brown, who had put a number of sessions in on an undisclosed reservoir in Tring before finding the big fish he was after.

The historic brace, containing fish that individually would be a fish of a lifetime for many anglers, came following a 14-hour blank just the day before for the self-employed roofer, on a venue that has a reputation for rewarding anglers who put their time in on its banks.

“To have caught these fish was just amazing,” said Ken said. “The perch here don’t tend to feed at night, so I got there early with plans to fish through the day. The weather was terrible though. I lost my brolly to the wind and the rain was torrential.

“I had three rods out, two at distance and one close in. The one at 60yds with three maggots on a size 16 went off first at about 11am. That was the 4lb fish. Then, while I was playing that, the rod at 35yds with a lob tail hookbait went off.

“Luckily, I got the first fish in the net and a chap came over to look after that while I landed the five-pounder. It was just amazing to have two fish as big as this on the bank together, and I just can’t believe that I had two fish of a lifetime on the same day.” With the stunning catch the Tring-based rod continues a stretch of big fish form that began last week with the capture of one of the biggest ever bream braces landed, at 17lb 8oz and 15lb. But even after such a ground breaking catch of large perch the 48-year-old reckons there could be even better to come.

“I’m certain that there’s a record perch in this water, and that’s what I’m after next,” he said.

Angling Times also spoke to Steve Aley, secretary of the Perchfishers, the specimen group dedicated to the capture of big perch, about the monumental catch.

“It’s almost certainly the biggest brace of perch ever taken in this country,” said Steve.

“It’s so unusual for two perch of this size to be caught in the same session. You’ve got to hand it to Ken because the water he was fishing is rock hard, you really have to put the effort in to even get a bite,” he added.

“The exciting thing though, is that if the 5lb fish was a female ¬ then in spawn it could well be a record of 6lb 8oz.”