TF Gear banks on short rods

Total Fishing Gear has just extended its highly successful Compact rod range with three new models, and the good news for anglers is that the UK-based company will be offering massive savings on these launches for a limited period.

The original assortment of Compact rods hit the market last year and proved so popular that TFG felt further products were needed to cover other areas.

Now the range boasts a Compact medium 10ft float rod, Compact medium 8ft feeder rod, and the highly versatile Compact Allrounder ¬ a rod that can turn its hand to everything from waggler fishing for silvers to casting Method feeders.

It can be changed from 9ft to 11ft by simply adding or removing a 2ft extension piece and then you can choose to add either one of the three quiver tops, or the float top. supplied.

The rod is said to be the gem in the Compact range. In fact, the company is so proud of this product that it is running a half price introductory offer with the rod priced at just £59.99 instead of the £119.99 RRP.

The two other launches have also been introduced at a special price. Its Compact medium 10ft float is a versatile tool available for £69.99, the same price as the medium 8ft feeder ¬ one of the shortest feeder rods on the market. Both have an RRP of £99.99.

When asked about the new launches, TFG’s product manager Allan Crawford-Plane explained: “Compact series rods are shorter in length so they can be used in tight swims and they increase the accuracy of short casts. “In terms of style, design and performance, these rods are as close to perfection as you will get,” he added.