Sywell Reservoir provides personal best tench after two years

Stuart George ended his long search for a big tench from Sywell Reservoir when he banked this 9lb 13oz fish.

After two years and 20 blanks at the famous Sywell Reservoir in Northamtonshire the 31-year-old from Wellingborough finally got among the fish and managed to break his personal best four times during a memorable three-day session.

“I knew they were in there and that’s what kept bringing me back. The first night I had a tench of 8lb 2oz at about 3am, which was a new pb, then at 7.30am took another of 8lb 6oz to up my pb once again. I didn’t get another bite until 4am the next morning, and that turned out to be a fish of 8lb 10oz to beat my best a third time, and then 24 hours later had the biggest of the lot at 9lb 13oz. What a cracking fish to end what was a cracking session!” said Stuart, who used bolt-rigged 10mm sweetcorn boilies to catch all of his fish.