Sonubaits reveal new Fibre Paste for 2010 season

UK bait giant Sonubaits has this week launched its new range of products for 2010, which includes the long-awaited and revolutionary Fibre Paste.

It’s a bait that Andy Findlay has been using for the last 10 months with devastating effect and is set to revolutionise paste fishing, enabling paste to be fished on a waggler or feeder without the use of paste springs or hair rigs.

Fibre paste is light and fluffy with ragged edges rather than the smooth rounded blob that anglers have become accustomed to. It is this fibrous texture that allows you to simply pass the hook through it and then cast it beneath a float or feeder without fear of it flying off.

Once in the water the bait leaks off tiny particles, creating a halo of attractants.
When asked about the paste Andy said: “It is unique and has a real edge over the competition. I prefer to leave the edges ragged, as the fish seem to prefer this presentation. With a fluffy bait that’s expanding and pumping out attraction, the fish will take it straight away,” he added.

Fibre Paste is available as a dry powder in 500g bags, allowing you to mix it yourself but you can also get it ready- made in large tubs. These are available in natural, red and green colours.

But that isn’t the only paste in the range. Sonu has also launched One to One, which brand manager Ian Day describes as ‘paste made simple’.

It has been designed for use on the pole and has the unique selling point of containing a tall pole pot within the bag of dry paste. It serves two purposes. Firstly, when fitted to your top kit it allows you to deliver the paste hookbait to your swim without risking it falling off. It also acts as a measuring device.

As the name suggests, you simply take one pot of the paste powder and add it to one pot full of water and then mix. For larger quantities, it’s just a case of increasing the scale – six pots of powder would require six pots of water to achieve the perfect consistency everytime.

The two final spring launches from the Telford-based bait company are both groundbaits. Dark Match Method Mix is a deep green version of its standard Method

Mix designed for clear water and comes in 2kg bags. It performs and mixes exactly like the original and you also get a Preston Innovations inline Method feeder free inside the bag.

The second crumb is its Spicy Meaty Method Mix. This is a blend of pellets, fishmeals, spices and meat extracts and it has a bright red colour. Mixed according to the instructions on the packet it is ideal for the Method.

Leave it a little on the dry side and you can use it inside a cage feeder or cup it in loose.

Angling Times also understands that the company plans to launch a new selection of barbel feed and hookbaits early in June for the new river season.