Sonubaits release bait range that's perfect for winter carp

Sonubaits Supercrush F1 Groundbait, F1 Soft Hooker Pellets and F1 Liquid Flavouring are the perfect combination for targeting shy-biting carp from commercials in the depths of winter.

Designed and field-tested by leading matchmen Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp, the groundbait is a sweet blend of fishmeals and crushed pellets boasting prolonged holding power, which is easy to mix and binds well to a Method feeder, while also breaking down quickly in even the coldest temperatures.

It can be used in the feeder, balled in or cupped in as slop and costs £5.99 per 2kg bag.

The hooker pellets are quite dark and oily, giving lots of leakage, and are also tough enough to be hair-rigged. The 4mm and 6mm versions are ideal for F1s, small carp and skimmers, the 8mm ones are for larger fish. They are supplied in a robust tub with a strong seal, which will keep them fresh for months after opening, and cost £2.99 per tub.

Finally, the company’s F1 liquid (£2.99 for 250ml) can either be added to the groundbait or used in a pellet pump to pull the fish back into your swim once the bites have dried up.