Silver fish sport reaches fever pitch at Chequertree Fishery in Kent

Match anglers at Chequertree Fishery in Ashford, Kent have been taking advantage of ‘the best sport the fishery has ever known’, with numerous huge 100lb-plus bags of silverfish being taken.

In a recent five-hour club event the top two anglers both brought triple-figure weights of roach and skimmers to the weigh-in, a feat that’s becoming an ever-more common occurrence.

The club match was won by Mark Brett with a 145lb 8oz bag, most of which was made up of silvers.

Alternating between small cubes of meat and potato on the hook, the 53-year-old London-based highways engineer caught the bulk of his fish at 6m in 4ft of water from peg 20.

“The silverfish sport at Chequertree is currently second to none,” Mark told Angling Times.

“Because the fish are all of a good average size it’s possible to put some excellent bag weights together.” And the runner-up spot was taken by Brian Rowden with 107lb 4oz with not a single carp anywhere to be seen.

In the first couple of hours the 38-year-old postman took 50lb of skimmers at 6m, before moving closer in to catch roach every put-in, finally ending the match with a string of small tench in the last half hour.

“I saw an angler a couple of pegs to my right catch four decent carp, so I knew I really had to go for it with the silvers, and by the end of the match I’d beaten him by around 20lb. There aren’t many venues where that’s possible,” said Brian.

Fishery owner Chris Drew is also exremely impressed with the catches his fishery has been throwing up of late.

“The silverfish sport is the best I’ve ever known it. I’m not sure why, but it has really picked up over the last year and 100lb-plus bags in matches are now commonplace, he said.”