Shock 22lb river carp

A quiet afternoon's perch fishing threw up a surprise for Kevin Woodthorpe when his legered lobworm was taken by this 22lb 8oz Thames carp.

The Grateley, Hants­based specialist, who took a stunning 5lb 6oz perch from the famous waterway last March, had already taken two other 'unwanted' fish in the shape of a brace of bream before the heavyweight specimen struck.

After connecting with the carp, Kevin endured an arm-aching 15-minute battle in the strong winter flow that tested his trusty Fox 1lb tc Avon rod, and indeed his 5lb 14oz hi-tech mono hooklink, to the limit.

It wasn't all quiet on the perch front, with Kevin's fishing partner Steve Aley managing to take a fish of 3lb 13oz.