Seven new fisheries will provide traditional angling in the Midlands

Plans to dig new day-ticket fisheries will see the creation of seven lakes across the Midlands boasting over 200 pegs.

Carp, tench, bream and roach are currently being prepared for a new two-lake site just outside Worcester ¬ just one fishery in a long line of new developments aimed at bringing ‘traditional fishing’ to the doorstep of day-ticket anglers.

Quiet Sports Fishery Management is growing its impressive list of 16 fisheries by doubling the size of the hugely popular Shrewley Pools in Warwick.

And anglers in Bedfordshire will also be celebrating after Quiet Sports, which specialises both in developing new fisheries and farming coarse fish, announced plans to open a new two-lake site just outside Bedford.

Meanwhile, the construction of two more lakes a mile-and-a-half from Lincoln town centre will cap off the creation of a host of fisheries aimed at providing affordable fishing on picturesque, well-run waters for the average angler.

“Our number one aim is to build and develop great fisheries right on anglers’ doorsteps, so people can jump on a bus to go fishing if they want to,” said Steve Barnes, owner of Quiet Sports Fishery Management.

“Many commercial fisheries have become one-dimensional. The be-all and end-all seems to be massive weights, and if an angler comes away with less than 100lb they’re disappointed. This isn’t the way fishing should be.

“I could stock these waters so that anglers could catch over 300lb, but that isn’t sustainable. I’d rather keep the stocks at a sensible level so that every peg is capable of producing 60lb catches. That way everyone is happy and has a great day’s fishing.” Each of the new developments will be stocked predominantly with small carp, complemented by bream, tench and roach.

Quiet Sports is also keen to point out that its new sites won’t boast tackle, shops and cafés, like many commercial fisheries, but what they lack in facilities they promise to make up for with traditional fishing at its best.

“I think many day-ticket anglers are getting more than a little tired of the all-dominating ‘super site’,” Steve continued.

“Everyone should have a great little fishery down the road where they’re not intimidated and where they don’t have to be Steve Ringer to have a good day or win an open or two. That’s what we’re all about.”