See the world's most expensive bait boat

Has the fishing world finally gone mad? Surely this has to be the ultimate in carping boys’ toys.

Spotted in Holland, the hand-built Becker bait boat will set you back a cool €2,500… that’s around £2,000 to you and me!

Capable of carrying up to a 12kg payload, the German-made craft houses a precise echo sounder and the cleverest of GPS systems that can deliver bait to up to five separate locations simply by pressing a co-ordinated button on the control panel.

This could prove a major advantage at night, because it enables the angler to simply place the boat in the water, press the return button to location 1 to 5, and the boat will go back out on to the spots, drop the bait and rig, and then come back to you without you even having to turn on the lights.

Ingenious chaps those Germans!

Silent running, the boat turns on a sixpence and from what I could understand due to my poor understanding of the language, the distance range is limited only by the horizon.

So, if you’re in the market for the best bait boat that money can buy, visit the website.

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