Scunthorpe Pisces AC angling coaching scheme set to hit 60 schools

An angling club has set its sights on attracting thousands of new juniors into the sport via a series of tailor-made coaching schemes.

Officials at Scunthorpe Pisces AC have been dedicated to drawing new blood into the sport for a number of years, and have now vowed to grow the idea even further by recruiting pupils from up to 60 different schools all over the region.

The call comes just days after professional coaches helped an enthusiastic group of school children complete an Angling Times-backed two-month training course in which a variety of basic skills were taught on the bank and in the classroom.

“Three years ago, when the secretary got a call from a local school teacher seeking angling lessons for kids, the club was not in a position to offer coaching.

“Things have changed drastically since then and we have branched out to several schools and spent £1,000 on tackle for the kids to use,” explained Scunthorpe Pisces fisheries officer Simon Mattison.

“We want to grow our work even further and make this the biggest junior coaching scheme in the North. We face the prospect of teaching pupils from up to 60 schools so we need more volunteers to come forward and help with the coaching,” added Simon.

Various partners have been involved in supporting the process, and Humberside Police youth diversion officer Mick Tune believes the scheme has a bright future ahead of it.

“I can’t praise the club highly enough for what it is trying to achieve - it’s proving really successful and this is only the start of greater things to come.

“Giving the children an opportunity to join a club at the end of their coaching is key, and that is one of the elements we have included,” said Mick.