Prowla releases a new range of pike and zander fishing tackle

The predator range at Prowla has taken a big step forward this season with the launch of new terminal gear that looks set to cement the brand some significant shelf space in Britain’s tackle shops.

Building on last season’s excellent launches, the tackle has moved on apace, adding a string of new designs to its portfolio. There’s also been moves in the carbon market with deadbait, jerkbait and lure rods released. Watch out for ‘live’ rod tests in forthcoming issues.

But to start off this week here’s a look at the new Prowla terminal gear:

Safe System Pop-Up Boom £5.49-£5.99

This inventive piece of kit solves two problems - wrap-around tangles when casting baits into deep water, and potential ‘bite-offs’ when pike swim through your mainline after  grabbing your live or dead bait.

Thread your mainline through the tubing, and the integral weights at either end keep the rig pinned to the deck. For use with float and leger rigs and available in 20, 30 and 40g.

Safe System Mono and Crimps £4.99

Make your own super-strong uptraces for paternoster or free-running rigs with this kit. You get 20metres of 150lb test and 30 double-barrelled crimps. Make your rigs neater with the addition of rubber sleeving over the crimps.

Quick change in-line sinkers £4.99-£6.49

Change your rig safely and quickly without the need to ‘break down’ your terminal gear thanks to these inline sinkers. They come in four sizes ¬ 15g, 20g, 30g and 40g - and provide a fish-friendly, semi-fixed presentation.

In-Line Cigar £3.99-£4.49

A super-slim pattern with very little surface area, and consequently less resistance to a taking fish. They come in three sizes ¬ 10g, 20g, 30g ¬perfect for pits, small pools, drains and canals.

Safe System Ready-Made Up Trace £3.99-£4.49

Most predator anglers will have suffered bite-offs from pike. That’s where an up-trace comes into its own, and this new version from Prowla offers the perfect solution. Available in 15g to 40g versions.

Supa Jerk Bait Trace £4.99

Available in a choice of Fine (75lb) or Standard (150lb), these traces are constructed from stainless spring wire and utilise the QC Links. There are four per packet.

Troll Grip Float £3.99-£4.49

The dog leg tube on the inner of this float locks it in place and stops the pattern riding up in the water when trolling from a boat or presenting baits in a pacey river.

Four sizes are available - 15g to 40g.

Bob Float £3.99

A classic pattern of in-line float that offers a multitude of uses. Use them for deads and lives, laying on or off the bottom, and from the boat or shore. Three sized ¬ 10g to 20g.

QC Links £3.99

The diamond-shaped links offer an alternative quick-change solution to the more rounded Klip Loks. Again they are suited to lures or snap tackle and are rated to 100lb breaking strain.

Klip Lok Links £3.99

An easy to use quick-change facility for lures or traces. It is a long-proven design with 20 pieces per box.

Supa Strength trebles £6.49

These Prowla barbless trebles are bang on the money. All too often pike hooks have a light gauge wire that easily bends out, especially when using braid. But these Supa Strength versions are both razor sharp and as tough as old boots. They come in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Wire Blades £7.99

Strong and sharp, these handy blades are capable of cutting through wire up to 100lb test, including 49 strand, carbon coated and titanium.

Float Stops and Beads £3.99

One piece of kit I never leave home without - whatever species I’m after. Primarily though, these are float stops - simply put your mono or braid through the loop and slide the rubber sleeve on to your mainline. A nice twist is the clever addition of beads in the handle, making this item the perfect all-round solution.

Treble Sleeves £3.49

Keep your rigs neat and tidy with Prowla’s treble sleeves. Simply thread down the wire and slip the rubber on to the shank of the hook. Choose the red version and add a splash of colour to you dead or livebait. Also available in black as well as a full range of sizes 2 to 8.