Preston Innovations release new all-purpose fishing mainline

Designed for both feeder and float work, Preston Innovation’s Reflo Power Max line offers all the properties required from a modern fishing line. This high specification mainline has a soft and supple nature with a silky smooth finish that allows for easy long distance casting.

But don’t be deceived ¬ this new addition to the Reflo portfolio also has very high abrasion resistance qualities and superb knot strength, making it a great choice for anglers of all disciplines, whether targeting carp in commercial ‘bagging up’ venues, feederfishing for bream on stillwaters, or tip fishing for chub on rivers.

Its robustness, lack of memory and smooth casting qualities make it particularly suited to leger and feeder tactics, and it sinks like a stone with the minimum of fuss.

Available in handy sized 150m spools and in all the popular breaking strains and diameters, Reflo Power Max will undoubtedly become one of the UK’s best-selling fishing lines.

Price: SSP £5.99 per 150m spool. Available in 3lb (0.16mm), 4lb (0.18mm), 5lb (0.20mm), 6lb (0.23mm), 8lb (0.26mm) and 10lb (0.28mm).