Preston Innovations launches new front drag match reel

Following on from the success of its PXR 3000 and 4000 reels, Angling Times can exclusively reveal that Telford-based Preston Innovations will launch a new top-end model aimed at the serious match angler.

The new Preston Inception 4000 reel is due to go on general release in the next couple of months and is still so new that, as yet, its price has not been finalised, although we believe it will be retailed for under £200.

A smart-looking understated black finish gives the Inception 4000 a very modern and minimalist look, but the reel has much more going for it than just its looks.

One of the main features on this superb product is the clever use of a unique oversized front dragged spool that has been specially developed to help achieve longer casts with less effort, even when using thick diameter reel lines that are needed when tackling commercial fisheries.

Preston Innovations director Ricky Teale exclusively revealed to Angling Times the concept behind the design specifications:

“The Inception reels, like all Preston Innovation products, have been designed around the needs of modern match anglers. We basically looked at the growing
popularity of commercial carp fishing and the increasing size of these fish.

“We wanted to create a reel that would cope with heavy lines for both feeder and pellet waggler work. To do this with a standard conical-shaped spool is very difficult, so we had to consider a new approach – thus the new size and shape.

“This unique design means coils of line come off the reel in an even fashion, making for smoother casts over the sort of distances most match anglers are fishing at.

“The Inception will set a new standard for UK matchfishing reels and will quickly become 2010 biggest ‘must have’ item. Simple”.

According to Preston, the gearing within the reel has been perfected to cope with sudden surges from big fish, and this not only creates a smoother clutch, but it means that the drag never sticks.

It’s constructed using lightweight magnesium to form the sealed body and the balanced rotor, which makes it very light in weight. And the exceptional oscillation system produces a parallel line lay across the oversized spool, preventing line from bedding-in – even when under immense pressure.

This ’new-generation’ reel will initially only be available in the popular 4000 size, although Angling Times sources have also revealed that a smaller-bodied 3000 or 3500 size is likely to be made available.