Preston Innovations launch new range of Absolute match poles

Preston Innovations is already widely regarded as one of the biggest match-orientated tackle brands in the UK, and a visit to any commercial fishery would confirm this with Carbon Active rods, Space Station Seatboxes, Shuttle trollies and accessories such as Reflo Power Line, Flat Method Feeders, Method Moulds and Stotz weights overflowing from every sidetray.

Although at the forefront of tackle design and development for the past dozen or so years, the company is still trying to cement a position as outright brand leaders in the competitive pole market.

But all that could be set to change from the start of next month, when Preston Innovations will be launching two awesome new poles which are sure to cause a huge stir in the sector.

The first of the new models is the top-of-the-range GiS Absolute 14. Priced at £2,999, this stunning 16m model has been developed for the serious match angler and, with input from the likes of Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp, you can rest assured that the flagship offering will have been thoroughly tested at a variety of demanding waters using numerous different methods.

According to the company, the new Absolute 14 is the best all-rounder it has ever produced, being both lighter and stiffer than previous models. I have not yet had the opportunity to fish with the pole, but I have handled it on several occasions indoors, so allow me to whet your whistle a little.

The first thing that struck me about this next-generation pole was its lightness. It is so incredibly light that when I first picked it up, I thought that there must have been a few sections missing! Next comes its stiffness, which is quite simply mind-boggling and beyond anything I’d encountered before.

The forward weight (downforce) or rather the lack of it, coupled with amazing linear rigidity, produces a lightning fast reaction speed, without any tip recovery time at all.

Just handling the new bit of kit made me shudder with disbelief, and I can hardly wait to carry out an exclusive live test in the next few weeks.

There has also been a new model introduced to Preston’s successful GXR range in the shape of the top-end GXR Series Pro 3001, which will provide the next step up for all existing GXR owners. Competitively priced at £1,499, this new 16m model is again something of an all-rounder, but has a little bit more of a ‘commercial fishery feel’ about it than its illustrious new GiS stablemate. Manufactured using a blend of high grade carbons to give increased stiffness and strength, the GXR 3001 would be the ideal choice for any serious angler wanting to own just one very good long pole that can ‘do it all’.

Featuring all of the advantages offered by the Suncore finish, Fusion top kit carbon technology and Magic Step tips, the new 3001 is also compatible with all previous GXR top kits.

And as a bonus it is supplied with one of the best spare kit packages on the market.