Preston Innovations launch new double pole elastic

Doubled pole elastic is all the rage at the minute, and tackle giant
Preston Innovations has launched a new rubber that makes setting up your top kits a much simpler task.

The elastic is supplied on a spool already doubled up and joined together from end to end, so instead of having to try and run two single strands through the length of your top kit, this new product can simply be dropped or pulled through the top kit.

Then your bung and elastic connector can be attached.

Once fitted, the two lengths can then be separated and you are left with two perfectly even lengths of equal tension.

It is available in the four most common sizes which are doubled - four, five, six and eight - which have the following diameters: D4 0.85mm; D5 0.91mm; D6 1.06mm; and D8 1.25mm.

You get 3m of elastic on each spool.

Expect to see Preston’s Double Elastic in the shops from the middle of June, priced £3.99.