Popular Devon fishery given new lease of life

A popular Devon stillwater fishery is being restored to its former glory thanks to a joint effort between the Environment Agency and local club Exeter DAA.

Sampford Peverell Pond, near Cullompton, was already suffering from low oxygen levels when it froze solid for several weeks at the start of the year.

The unhealthy combination resulted in virtually the lake’s entire stock of roach, perch, bream, tench, carp, crucian carp and large eels being wiped out.

“It was devastating for us to lose so many fish because we’ve controlled the venue for many, many years,” said club head bailiff Terry Anderson.

“It has been an extremely popular venue with both our members and day-ticket anglers as it used to fish well all-year-round,” he added.

Many local anglers were left fearing the worst, but a glimmer of hope was raised when a netting by a team of Environment Agency fishery officers revealed that a small number of roach, carp and bream had survived.

Since then measures have been taken to help both these fish and the pond itself recover. Over the coming weeks the lake will be re-stocked with health-checked fish from various local stock ponds.

“The EA advised us to remove a line of trees to help improve the oxygenation and light levels and it has been monitoring the situation since. Everything appears to be fine now and hopefully the fishing will soon be back to its best,” explained Terry.

Nick Maye, at the Environment Agency, said: “We’re happy we were able to provide advice and support to local anglers on how best to get this pond back to good health. The fish-kill was due to natural phenomena and was no fault of the club. We are now working closely with the members to help the pond recover.”