Paul Garner ends a superb Warwickshire Avon session with a 13lb barbel

With the weather being absolutely perfect for barbel fishing Paul Garner decided to sneak out on Friday night for an overnight session on his local Warwickshire Avon.

Earlier in the week Paul had an evening on a previoiusly unvisited stretch but never had a touch, so rather than potentially waste the ideal conditions on a stretch that might not hold any fish he decided to tackle an area that he knew well and that could turn up a good fish or two.

Arriving at 19:30 Paul had his first bite just after 20:00 from a small chub and then as the light began to fade the barbel moved in and it was steady action until he decided to try for some sleep for a couple of hours at 02:30.

In that time 12 barbel put in an appearance, all in the 4 to 7lb range, and all most probably males still shoaled up after spawning.

Paul was more than happy with this, as the session was turning out to be the largest single session catch of barbel he'd had from the Avon.

Paul only managed to get a couple of hours sleep so rather than head off home early he decided to put in another couple of hours.

Although the fishing in daylight was quite slow it did bring two bites, the first from a lovely 5lb 4oz chub and the second from this clonking barbel of 13lb 9oz.

Most of the fish, including the ’13’ fell to two 10mm Dynamite Marine Halibut pellets drilled and fished on a hair to 3ft of 10lb Nash Fluorocarbon and a size 14 Mustad hook.

Paul had fed 2 pints of 6mm Halibut Pellets and half a gallon of hemp with the catty and added a six inch PVA stick of mixed pellets liberally coated in Source Liquid and another secret attractor that he has been testing.