Packbaits revolutionary fishing bait 'will double catch rates'

Secret recipes capable of more than doubling the catch rates of some of the sport’s most popular baits are set to take the UK angling market by storm.
Packbaits is a concept used for many years by anglers in the United States.

The bait combines cheap ingredients found in high street shops, such as breakfast cereals, sweet soft drinks, rice and creamed corn, to create devastating groundbaits that can then be moulded around a fishing lead very much like a Method style of fishing, and has been responsible for tempting staggering hauls of carp to 2,700lb in a session on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now, after spending more than two years researching and field testing the bait in the US, carp angler Jason Cann and bait guru Frank Warwick are preparing to launch the phenomenon on the British market with a company that will create a range of baits catering for everyone, from specimen to commercial match anglers.

Jason has spent the last three months with a team of American anglers head to head field testing some of the UK’s most popular brands of boilies, pellets and artificial baits, against some of the 90 different mixes of Packbaits. According to the specimen anglers testing the baits in rivers around New York and the state of Carolina, the results have been astounding, filling the duo with the confidence to say that the new bait will improve catch rates across the board, and change the way that anglers think about bait for good.

“I fished a 24-hour pairs match against the Americans and in that time they had landed 45 fish using Packbaits to our seven,” said Jason. “I’d been using my best rigs, methods and baits that are tried and tested in the UK.

It was mind-blowing.

“This baiting concept has landed me English carp to 36lb and huge specimens in Europe to 66lb, but Packbaits aren’t just big-fish catchers. Match teams in the US have amassed huge weights of single-figure fish to over 2,700lb in 48 hours.

“I’ve spent two years perfecting every detail of this new project and I’m now almost ready to lift the lid on the UK version of the phenomenon that is Packbaits.”

Frank Warwick has been at the forefront of bait innovation for years, pioneering high-attract hookbaits such as ‘fluoro’ pop-ups and brightly-coloured artificial offerings - and the revolutionary new liquid hookbaits called Gel Baits.

“When I first saw Packbaits in action in the States I couldn’t believe my eyes. I threw all my spare clothes away, so I could cram enough of the ingredients into my case to bring home,” said Frank, who is launching the company to distribute Packbaits with Jason Cann.

“Anglers of all ages and abilities will be able to apply it to their fishing and I guarantee they will be amazed by the results.” The website is currently being set up, with an early 2011 launch date.