Night session ends big-carp famine

Short overnight sessions can seem a daunting prospect at this time of year, but Spencer Wright proved just how fruitful they can be when he banked this 41lb 12oz mirror ¬ his fourth forty of the year ¬ from Monks Lake on the Isle of Wight.

The venue hadn’t given up any of its bigger residents since October but, undeterred, the 36-year-old design technician from Binstead, IOW, baited an area for six weeks in the hope that it would produce a decent fish before the lake shut up shop for winter.

Arriving in complete darkness, he soon had his rods positioned in a silty gulley at 30yds range and after hearing a couple of ‘shows’ close by he received a screaming take from what was obviously a good carp.

“After 15 minutes I’d got it fairly close when suddenly it snagged me up solid,” he told Angling Times. “I was distraught at the thought of losing the fish after all the effort I’d put into catching one. All sorts of options about how I could free the line were going through my head when all of a sudden I felt a sharp tug on the rod-tip and the carp came free. A few moments later I had her in the net, and on the bank she looked stunning in her winter colours. To catch a forty in December was an incredible feeling, and the perfect end to what has been a fantastic year for me.”

His successful presentation consisted of a 10mm CC Moore N-Gage XP wafter fished with a PVA stick of crushed boilies and CC Moore Active Feast Method Mix, on a 25lb Kryston Silkworm hooklink and a size 6 ESP Big-T Raptor hook.