New owner hails deal as a major boost for the sport

The future of some of the sport’s most prized waters has been secured this week following the sale of the famous Mid Kent Fisheries.

In a move that has come as a huge relief to anglers across the nation, South West Water, which owns the fisheries, has signed Mid Kent’s massive portfolio of venues ¬ comprising 25 of the UK’s best specimen and match waters ¬ over to the man who has been responsible for its success.

Chris Logsdon, Mid Kent’s fishery manager, has taken total control of the venues, which include the famous Conningbrook Lake, home of the former British record carp Two Tone, and is also in the process of buying five of its venues outright.

“This is not only massively exciting on a personal level, but the fact that I’m now in total control of these magnificent waters is a massive step forward for fishing,” Chris told Angling Times.

“South West Water has been brilliant and so understanding giving me first refusal. They could have chosen to sell the fisheries to anyone, and that could have meant them falling into the wrong hands and jeopardising the future of some of the best fisheries in the land.”

During the last few weeks there have been rumours circulating across the internet that Chris was preparing to take a back seat or even retire from the business that he started over 20 years ago from just a single water.

But now that Chris’s proposed management buyout is well under way, the man who’s become one of the most influential and respected figures in the angling world has big plans for its future.

“I can now focus all my attention and effort into what I’m best at, most passionate about, which is the fishing,” Chris said.

“In the past, I’ve spent lots of time in meetings and stuck behind a computer, which was frustrating as it isn’t what I’m good at.

“Now I only have myself to answer to and don’t have to seek permission before I make improvements, or expand any of the sites, which is very exciting.

“I’ve got big plans for the future and Mid Kent Fisheries is only going to get bigger and better.”

Former British record carp-holder Lee Jackson has not only spent many years fishing the famous Conningbrook Lake, but he’s also  well aware of how important this news is for the sport.

“I heard all sorts of rumours about what was happening at Mid Kent,” he told AT.

“I’m delighted that Chris has been given this opportunity, because he will continue to achieve great things for angling.”