New miniature drop-off alarm set to take the predator world by storm

A new miniature drop-off bite alarm has hit the market, offering predator fishing fans a combination of perfect indication and superb value for money all in one neat and robust little package.

The super-lightweight and weatherproof ‘999 alarm’ has been invented and built by big eel supremo Barry McConnell and can be attached to either the fishing rod or bankstick via a small and easy-to-fit rubber bracket.

It comes with a red LED light, adjustable line clip and batteries, and works via a tilt-switch mechanism next to the line clip, which is attached in such a way that it is raised above horizontal. When the line is pulled out of the clip, or in the case of a drop-back bite, falls down, the movement of the flex activates the tilt switch and the LED alarm.

The indicator, which when attached to the rod tucks neatly out of the way and doesn’t hinder casting out or winding in, is particularly handy for roving and stalking sessions where the rod can simply be laid on the ground.

It will also find favour with boat anglers, where space aboard is often at a premium and the use of bank sticks is not an option.

The 999 alarm costs just £9.99 and is powered by two inexpensive hearing aid batteries (supplied, but replacements are widely available for around 30p each). To order, log on to A YouTube clip of how to use the alarms is also available to view on the website.