New Avanti Hyperactive 16m pole for just £200

Angling Times can this week reveal that match brand Avanti has added a new 16m pole to its line¬up ¬ and is offering it for just £200 in a special launch offer!

This makes it one of the most affordable poles ever sold at this length. For your money, you get the full 16m Hyperactive pole and a spares package that includes three spare power kits (rated to a 20s elastic), an ultra strong half butt extension and a pole holdall.

My experience of items in this price category is somewhat limited and the last pole I used around this price point was the first that I ever owned over 12 years ago. Back then, £200 bought you an 11m pole supplied with two additional top kits and at full length it was hard work!

Now, over a decade later, Avanti is one of the few companies that can boast a fishable 16m pole that is available for £200 ¬ it’s fair to say that they have come a long way since the 1990s!

To find out just how far technology has come I took the Hyperactive, fresh out of the factory where many top end poles are made, to Angling Times’ nearest commercial fishery.

Putting the sections together, it felt like a robust pole that wouldn’t crack under the pressure of commercial work, and shipping out to 13m the pole was very manageable and quick to respond on the strike.

Adding the 14.5m section changed the pole slightly and gave it a heavy feel, but for these occasions Avanti supplies the Hyperactive with a short fourth section.

With this in place, the pole instantly felt like a totally different animal.

I started fishing at 14.5m with the short fourth in place and a light hollow elastic running through the second and third sections of the match kit that comes inside the pole (rated to 12s solid elastic).

Even with a line as short as 6ins between the pole tip and float, it was easy to ship out and not a single tangle or wrap around occurred all day.

This was thanks largely to the excellent finish on the three butt sections that pass through the hands very easily.

From tip to butt, I couldn’t find a weak spot anywhere and all the sections have good wall strength and thickness.

An elastic rating of No20 with the power kits fitted looks to be spot-on and for times when you need to pile on a bit of extra pressure you can be sure this pole won’t let you down.

One really nice touch in the Hyperactive’s package is the inclusion of a short sit-on dolly butt that fits both the 14.5m and 16m sections. It seems indestructible and can even be sat on when you are fishing with a spray bar. It also prevents the ends of your butt sections getting damaged when shipping back over rough ground.

The guys at Avanti have calculated the overall cost of this package to be £1,000 which I personally feel is a little high.

Given that it is available for just £200, it offers excellent value for money as it has loads of strength and gives you the option to fish at 14.5m or 16m in length should you need to.

Overall, the pole is slightly on the heavy side, but that is where it gains its immense strength and providing that you add the short fourth section it can be used at 14.5m all day.

Adding the final section to take the pole to 16m should be reserved for ‘needs must’ occasions only, or for fishing the floating pole in the summer.

In all, you get a lot for your money ¬ don’t miss out on this offer.