Milo reveal Superba - their latest fishing seatbox range

Angling Times can today exclusively reveal that Italian tackle giant Milo is due to release a new range  of feature-packed seatboxes  in readiness for the  forthcoming season.

Launched under the Team Milo Superba banner that will also include new poles and match luggage as well as the five new seatboxes, it is expected to be made available to hit the shelves next month.

The top-of-the-range Super Match 10-10 features four front drawers and four side cross drawers plus a fixed 8cm base unit.

Below this sit the Superba Match Plus 10-9 and Superba Super Match 10-8, that both follow the existing Milo seatbox designs that have been used so successfully over the last two years.

The other two, the Superba 10-7 and 10-6, differ somewhat and have a modular design, developed for anglers who do not need such a large seatbox, although further cassettes can be added to increase the box’s capacity if needed.

Recent changes in Milo’s box manufacture will be seen as a plus for all prospective buyers as prices are expected to actually fall, with the new range expected to sell from between £250 and £500.

This change in retail prices was confirmed by Milo UK manager Simon Willsmore, who told Angling Times: “This is without doubt the best range of boxes that Milo has released in the UK.

“The new Team Milo Superba seatboxes follow the successful Milo Match designs that have proved to be very popular over the last few years.

“Although the basic box design remains, the new Superba range is packed with clever new features that, combined with significantly reduced prices, should make these boxes extremely popular with match and pleasure anglers during 2010.”

One very significant improvement that runs throughout this new Superba series is that the seat height is now fully adjustable independently from the footplate.

This means that the optimum comfort level to suit the individual angler’s correct seating position is now easily achievable.

There will also be a full range of add-on box accessories such as bait waiters, a spray bar, as well as feeder arms and keepnet attachments.