Maver Abyss X rods selling like the proverbial hot cakes

Maver has reported record product sales for its new Abyss X rods, just three months after launching the budget-priced range at its September trade show.

As many manufacturers continue to struggle during the traditionally slow winter trading period, the Redditch-based company by contrast has been fighting to keep up with the unprecedented demand from customers for the nine-strong selection of match and feeder rods.

So much so, in fact, that orders for the Abyss X range over the past three months have outstripped sales of any rods that Maver has released in its history.

“They are selling like the proverbial hot cakes!” is how Maver supremo Phil Briscoe described the best start to a product launch that his company had ever seen.

“At the end of day, it’s as simple as this ¬ these rods have been grossly under-priced. When you look at their build quality, plus the high specifications of the fittings, and consider that all the blanks are constructed using the highest grades of carbon, with no added glass, they represent great value for money. My only concern is how long I can maintain the current prices,” added Phil.

The comprehensive series of Abyss X rods consists of five match rods and four feeder models. Six of the nine are built on two-piece blanks that look and feel ideal for targeting commercial fisheries using pellet waggler and Method feeder or straight lead tactics.

The three remaining rods have been designed as more traditional three-piece tools which, although perfectly-suited for commercials, will also be ideal for use on natural venues, such as rivers and larger lakes.

Designed for all levels of angling ability and subjected to months of thorough fieldtesting, the new Abyss X rods all boast impressively slim and light black and blue carbon blanks, quality line guides, graphite screw lock reel seat fittings, EVA and cork handles and folding hook keeper rings.

With a sweet through action and an impressive recovery speed, they really do look and feel like rods costing a great deal more than the asking price.

In a nutshell, it’s easy to see why Maver has scored a huge home run with the Abyss X range - they are quite simply unbelievable rods for the price!