Matchman lands season's biggest chub of 8lb

The biggest chub of the season, weighing in at 8lb, has been landed by a matchman.

Allan Oram had decided to escape his busy schedule on the South West match circuit and spend an afternoon on a stretch of the River Kennet when he hooked into the fish. Coming from the only bite of the session, the specimen is believed to be just ounces short of the river record.

The Dynamite Baits-backed angler, who regularly takes part in three matches a week, became the envy of hundreds of specimen fishermen across the UK after the new personal best moved into his swim that was primed with a scattering of his sponsor’s 8mm pellets.

He then lowered in a simple ‘carp style’ bolt rig with a hair-rigged 10mm pellet over the top of a gravel bar on a club-controlled stretch of the venue.

It wasn’t long before the specimen, that dwarfs the Bristol angler’s previous personal best of 5lb, fell into the 55-year-old’s trap.

“Matchfishing is very intense and it’s easy to get stale,” said Alan. “Speci fishing allows me to escape that commercial environment and get back to the peace and tranquillity of traditional fishing on the river. It’s something I couldn’t be without.

“I really thought that the fish was a carp because it looked huge when I saw it turn under the water. But even though it was easy to see it was a new personal best, I didn’t realise the true enormity of it until one of my specimen fishing friends came and helped me with the weighing.”

Alan beat the specimen with 12lb mainline, a 10lb hooklength and a size 10 hook, with the rig being completed with a small PVA bag filled with 8mm Dynamite Baits pellets.

The self-employed carpenter is of the opinion that more match anglers should do the same, as since he began fitting specimen fishing into his busy schedule he believes it’s made him a better angler.

“It’s so easy to slip into the same old routine,” Alan continued, “and that can get very boring and affect your enjoyment of the sport.”