MAP unveils unique Parabolix luggage range for 2011

Fed up with lugging a carryall the size of a garden shed around every weekend? MAP’s new Parabolix Sti luggage range might just be the answer to your prayers!

Rather than going down the traditional carryall route of a single large compartment, which so often ends up in an annoying mass of tangled catapults and reel cases, the Redditch firm has devised an innovative fold-out system consisting of separate zip-up sections that not only makes access quick and easy, but ensures every item of tackle has its own safe and secure place.

The main carryall is made up of four compartments earmarked for stashing keepnets and landing net heads in an open front pocket, with a zipped-off pocket behind for side trays and bait waiters. Pole rollers and tripods go in the next part, with accessories such as catapults, pellet pumps and float tubes in another. The unit is finished off with a lay-flat insulated slot for small bait tubs and bags of prepared expander pellets, luncheon meat and the like.

With that in mind it’s no surprise that the luggage is aimed at the angler fishing commercial fisheries week in, week out who doesn’t need to take masses of tackle to their peg, and in all probability will be using the same items of kit each time. With the Parabolix Sti, everything is in its place and easy to find.

“The problem with old-style carryalls is that if you need something at the bottom of the bag you need to take everything else out to get at it!” said MAP’s Mike Robinson. “This system keeps everything in order so you know where things are every time you go out. The carryall, when folded up, is held in place by two secure clips on the front net pocket, with each compartment stacking neatly on top of the next one.” To go with the carryall, the range also features smaller insert accessory bags to fit inside each main compartment, ideal for storing items such as spare reel spools, tubs of pellets and pole socks, plus a padded reel case.

Several catapults will fit neatly inside a dedicated catty bag ¬ all made from the hardest-wearing, most rugged material currently available for angling luggage.

There’s also a brilliant boot bag for muddy wellies, which features a foam lid that, when unzipped, folds back to provide you with something to stand on when you’re in your socks ¬ no more hopping around with a shoe in one hand and a boot in the other!

The full range of luggage will be in the shops around February next year, with the carryall costing £79.99, catapult bags, accessory insert bags and reel cases at £6.99 apiece, and the boot bag at £24.99.

The pole roller and accessory bag that make up the main carryall can be bought separately at £14.99 and £16.99 respectively.