Korum rig packs take the hassle out of piking

Ever fancied having a go at pike fishing but you’re unsure how to construct a safe and strong rig? Well, tackling-up for the species has now never been easier thanks to the new Snapper range from Korum.

As the predator season gets into full swing, the forward-thinking company has launched a range of ‘Easy Pike Rig’ packs containing everything needed to assemble the perfect float set-up, including all the necessary beads, swivels, weights and rubber float stops.

All that remains is to tie on a wire trace below the cocking weight of the float ¬ and the company also has this angle covered with its readymade Snapper Snap Tackle semi-barbed pike traces.

There are five different ‘Easy Pike Rig’ float options and four sizes of Snap Tackle traces, making it easy to pick the perfect combination for the bait being used and venue being fished.

As you’d expect, all the products have been constructed from top-quality, super-strong materials, which won’t let you down when battling with that personal-best pike. Indeed, the floats seem nigh-on indestructible, which is more than can be said for many pike floats on the market. All in all, a clever and well-thought-out range that looks sure to be a big seller this winter.


Korum Snapper Dura Bung Pike Floats

Two ideal all-round pike float patterns are available in the Snapper range, the Bung and the Dumpy Float. Both are inline models, making them perfect for presenting both livebaits and deadbaits. The Bung is slightly the more buoyant of the two, meaning it will be particularly well-suited to livebait fishing where keeping the bait out of weed and other obstructions is key.

Like the Dumpy float, it can also be used for trotting and paternostering baits.

Each Easy Pike Rig pack contains one Dura-Bung float, three medium float stops, one swivel, four small 4mm beads, a buffer bead and one non-toxic sinker. Both the Bung and Dumpy Float come in 12g and 18g options, and are priced at £4.99 per pack.

Korum Snapper Pencil Float 25g

A bottom end only float designed to provide ultra sensitive bite indication for predators when fishing legered deadbaits on stillwaters, canals and slow-moving rivers. By setting the float a foot or so overdepth and then tightening down to it until it cocks, the Snapper Pencil will transmit the slightest indication that a pike is inspecting the bait. More often than not it will lift up out of the water and lie flat on the surface on the take.

Just one 25g version is available, which comes supplied with three medium Korum float stops, four small 4mm beads, a buffer bead, a swivel and a sinker weight. The Snapper Pencil Float pack costs £4.99.

Korum Snapper Snap Tackle Pike Traces

Designed for use with the Dura Bung range, the readymade Snapper Snap Tackle Pike Traces take all the hassle and uncertainty out of constructing a suitable terminal rig for big pike.

Each of the trebles on the traces contains a single barbed hook for holding the bait securely and two barbless hooks for easy and safe removal from fish on the bank. These are attached to super-strong coated 30lb trace wire with a low glare finish. Each treble has also been covered with a small rubber sleeve at each crimp, a nice touch which not only neatens everything up but also increases the security of the rig.

The readymade traces are all 20ins long and are available in four hook sizes ¬ 4, 6, 8 and 10.

RRP £2.99 each.