Keith Arthur: Hydro-power at sites like Gunthorpe Weir is lunacy

I could get into a huge debate here with regard to human-induced climate change but it isn’t really the place. Of course we are mad if we don’t use as little energy as possible because, these days, it costs an absolute packet ¬ this coming from someone who recalls the Daily Mirror headline when petrol reached 50p a GALLON!

So, if we want cheap energy, why on this green Earth are we spending fortunes on hydro-power ¬ a grossly inefficient, in fact almost as inefficient as wind turbine, means of producing electricity?

To think that our rivers, already abstracted to hell and back, will be further challenged by placing turbines on weirs is outrageous and we should be vigorously campaigning against it. One way forward if we want electricity to remain affordable is nuclear power.

It would appear that Gunthorpe Weir is to be one of the first sites where this lunacy will be carried out and, as anglers and human beings, it is our duty to say NO! The RSPB has taken massive amounts of ‘investment’ from the wind turbine industry to not fight against them, but birds have the advantage of being able to fly away and live elsewhere: fish are stuck with where they are. 

We are already taxed to the eyeballs under the ‘green’ excuse which will, some time in the future, be proved to be fallacy. In fact, it is already happening, or is it only me that remembers being told 10 years ago that ships would have free summer passage through the Arctic?

Incidentally, the Antarctic ice sheet is growing and, with forecasts using science and observation rather than computer models suggesting that we entered a 30-year cold spell in 2009, the Arctic ice will almost certainly do the same. It is already larger than at this time last year.

We’ve had no Three Mile islands, no Chernobyls. The fish, birds and animals around our nuclear sites still only have the standard number of heads and nuclear technology is way ahead of where it was when first switched on in 1956.