Julian Chidgey is the new Drennan Cup winner

Julian Chidgey was officially crowned Drennan Cup champion last week after receiving the prestigious trophy from outgoing title holder Terry Lampard.

The Devon-based all-rounder, who stormed to victory after a sensational campaign last season, said: “It was an absolute honour to meet both Terry Lampard and Peter Drennan. Both have long been heroes of mine, Terry for his unprecedented catches and Peter for how long he’s been on the scene and what he’s done for the sport.”

Julian (27) plans to scale back slightly in his big-fish pursuits this season, but hasn’t ruled out a future tilt at the title.

“I’ve got a lot of feature work planned this year, and am also doing my first DVD, but I’ll still be doing a lot of fishing, and I may well have another go for the Cup next season,” he added.