Hunt for river carp throws up new pb chub

A recent hunt for river carp turned into a successful session of another kind for speci angler Tim Hodges when he landed this new pb chub of 7lb 10oz.

Fishing the Great Ouse at Newport Pagnell, the Marukyu consultant spotted a large group of chub, getting them feeding with several balls of groundbait laced with crushed boilies. And, after giving the fish an hour to get over the bait, Tim swung out his Method-style rig made up of Marukyu groundbait, pellets and additives formed around his leger weight, with a hair-rigged 15mm Marukyu Sisho boilie on the hook.

“I’ve found that the fishing on this stretch is best around midnight,” said Tim. “I was hoping to hook into the biggest chub from the shoal and I did. I nearly lost it at the net, though.”