Huge eel shocker at popular commercial fishery

Getting a 6lb 4oz eel into a match-sized landing net is not an easy task, as Harry Wykes discovered during a recent match at Stafford Moor fishery in North Devon.

Fishing with an 11mm pellet tight to an island, the 15-year-old lad from Penzance was busy catching 4lb-8lb carp when a blistering take midway through the afternoon saw him begin a 15-minute tussle that tested his size 16 hook and 6lb hooklink to the limit.

“It went on three or four long runs and to begin with I just thought it was another carp. The last thing I expected to pop up in front of me was an eel.

It took more than a few attempts to fit it into my landing net, but I wasn’t complaining because it helped me into second place in the match, ahead of my dad!” said a delighted Harry.