Get your free magnetic hookbox with this week's Angling Times

This week the Angling Times is giving away free magnetic hook boxes attached to the front page of every issue.

If you've never used a magnetic hook box before, you're missing out as they really are the best way to store your hooks.

No longer will you have to chase hook packets down the bank as they blow away in the wind. No longer will you have to deal with rusted hooks caused by moisture inside hook packets. And no longer will you have to fiddle through piles of hook packets searching for the right size and pattern.

You can have all your hooks stored neatly and easily within this 10-compartment box, and by adding a couple of grains of rice you can ensure that every droplet of moisture is absorbed, keeping your hooks rust free at all times.

Use a permanent marker to write the hook size and pattern against each compartment and you'll be sure of finding tyhe right hook for the job.

Also, the size of each compartment is adjustable too, so you'll be able to store your larger hooks used for hair-rigging boilies too.

You could even get a couple - one to hold spade ends, the other to hold your eyed hooks.

You'll find these free magnetic hook boxes on the front of every copy of this week's Angling Times, on sale now!