Get your free hedgehog feeder and mould with this week's Angling Times

Remember to get your copy of Angling Times this week as you'll find it comes with a free hedgehog carp feeder and mould.

This feeder is specially designed to grip groundbait or softened pellets, and as it's an in-line fish-safe model you'll be able to use it on almost every single commercial fishery in the country.

Also, the design of the vertical, smooth-topped grips ensure that your hook doesn't become snagged on the feeder, like some Method feeders on sale today. So you know that every time you cast you can be sure that your rig won't become tangled.

You'll ensure that you're casting the right amount of groundbait each and every time when you use the mould. Just lay some dampened groundbait or pellets into the mould and gently press the feeder onto it to create a smooth pile of feed that won't overload the rod during casting, but it'll be perfectly aerodynamic for accuracy.

As the feeder is a flatbed type, casting it onto sloping marginal shelves won't be a problem - the feeder won't slide all the way down the shelf like a rounded feeder would.

So, if you want your free hedgehog carp feeder and mould, remember to get next week's Angling Times where you'll find both attached to the front of the paper. The paper is on sale now.