Fox Match launch new range of Trickle pole pots

Essex-based Fox Match is about to launch a miniature new pole fishing feeding system in the form of Midi and Micro Trickle Pots.

The diminutive new feeding devices are expected to be available in tackle shops by the end of this month.

They fit securely on to the top section of any pole via the new three-way round fitting grooves (pictured) that are neatly built into the bottom of each tiny cup.

Available in blister packs priced at £4.99, you get both a Midi and Micro-sized pot as well as three interchangeable lids to fit each. The doughnut-shaped lid will suit baits like corn and pellets, while the other two lids are designed to allow you to drip-feed a swim, a few baits at a time.

The new Trickle Pots are smaller than the original Fox Tosspots and are therefore lighter in weight.

They are constructed from a durable see-through plastic, so it is obvious when the pot is empty. And they have been designed with high-visibility fluorescent orange lids that allow you to locate the pot instantly at long distances, or spot which way up the pot is sitting.

Fox Match brand manager Mark Pollard has been using the pots for the last few months and comments: “Our original Tosspots proved to be a huge success, and these new Trickle Pots should be even more popular.

“The newly-developed three-sized attachment system will enable the pots to fit a wider range of pole-tip sections so the angler won’t have to carry as many, and the unique, interchangeable orange lids are easy to see and will allow you employ a little-and-often feeding technique.”

The pots will be available in three packs to suit different sized pole-tips and are priced at £4.99 per pack of two.

Angling Times can also reveal that the ever-popular original Fox Tosspots that first hit the market more than seven years ago are also now expected to receive a summer makeover and should be available this August with all the unique new design refinements used on the Trickle Pots.