Fox Match FX Series are firm’s best rods ever

Due in the shops any day now, all the rods in the new Fox Match FX series have been designed to be versatile tools that cater not just for the needs of the match and pleasure anglers who primarily visit commercials, but also for those who prefer to spend their bankside hours on rivers, lakes and canals.

By using the highest quality carbons available, Fox has been able to produce super-slim, perfectly-balanced lightweight rods that make a strong case for being the company’s best yet.

Special care has been taken to ensure that the Fuji guides used throughout the series have all been correctly spaced-out along the rods, ensuring that the reel line perfectly follows the natural curvature of the blank. This helps the user to achieve perfect line control at all times.

Another very special feature that sets these rods apart is the use of a unique ergonomically designed screw-down reel seat that Fox believes to be the most comfortable grip you can get on a rod - so comfortable, it claims, that it can be held with ease for the full duration of a match.

Testing these new rods on the bank was going to be a little more different ¬ and far more intense ¬ than normal. This was because, as well as undertaking the normal live test myself, I decided to take the new FX 12ft Waggler rod and the 10ft-11ft Dual Feeder rod, set up with Fox’s new Santos rear drag reels, along with me to the annual Go Fishing show at Cudmore Fisheries in Staffs.

If ever there was a place for putting kit through its paces, giving it a serious amount of hammer in the process, then this weekend event ¬ which involved literally hundreds of anglers all of differing skill levels having a go with the tackle on display - would quickly show up any design faults.

Well, after what must have been a thousand casts and hundreds of fish, the FX rods and Santos reels alike came through with big ticks and gold stars, and were pretty much unscathed by their ordeal.

Upon my return from Cudmore, I managed to grab a couple of hours with both sets of kit on the banks of Kingsland Reservoir near Peterborough, just to see how the set-ups would cope when used to target a slightly larger stamp of fish than those we encountered at Cudmore.

Yet again, the pairing did not disappoint. Both rods displayed the same satisfying parabolic action, bending through to the butt without compromising any strength at the bottom-end ¬ something which is often needed to bully a decent fish those last few feet to the net.

There was never any danger of them locking up when put under pressure, and I always felt in total control of my quarry. What’s more, the anti-lock playing action allowed me to use lighter hooklengths than I would have normally chosen, resulting in more bites and fish in the net.

So, after two extensive tests during which the rods and reels were ‘used and abused’ ¬ with a whole season’s worth of fishing crammed into a single weekend during one of the tests ¬ I can honestly say that the new additions to the Fox stable have passed every test with flying colours.


Product spec

Fox  FX Series 12ft waggler rod
(RRP £149.99)
Fox FX 10ft-11ft  Dual feeder rod
(RRP £169.99)

Other rods in the series

Fox FX 12ft Lite Waggler
(RRP £149.99)
Fox FX 13ft Waggler (RRP £154.99)
Fox FX 14ft Waggler (RRP £159.99)
Fox FX 8ft/9ft Dual Feeder
(RRP £149.99)
Fox FX 12ft/13ft Dual Feeder
(RRP £179.99)