Fish expert claims UK is home to 1,000lb great white sharks

There are Great White sharks swimming and feeding in British waters today. That is the ominous opinion of respected shark angler Steve Mills that could see bathers running for the beach and UK anglers tackling up to tame the specimens, which Steve believes could exceed 1,000lb in weight

With its fearsome reputation, razor-sharp teeth and massive weight, the Great White shark has always been one of the ultimate targets for extreme game anglers who travel the globe in search of the killer fish. But if what Steve, the current holder of the British mako shark record, says is true, British anglers could well find themselves tangling with the ‘white death’ without the need of a passport.

“There are definitely Great Whites in our waters. It’s just that, because no one fishes with the tackle needed to land them, they never get caught,” said Steve.

“They’ll be here because of the stocks of mackerel and will probably also be feeding on pollack and cod. All we need is photographic evidence to prove it.” If correct, it could well be that British anglers have already been hooking into these predators without realising it. Anglers could be leaning into something unmovable in the depths before getting smashed up, without ever knowing they had been attached to a Great White.

Not everyone is convinced that the deadly shark has taken up residence off our shores, however. Andrew Alsop, the skipper who guided John Wilson to his recent 184lb blue shark catch, has been fishing for sharks off the west coast of Wales for the past 13 years.

“There has been a documented Great White shark attack on a seal off the Welsh coast, which must have been close to shore as the seal was washed up ¬ if it was far out to sea, the shark would have eaten it.” said Andy.

“However, I’d like to see a Great White with my own eyes before I’d say they were definitely living in British waters.”