First look at new Maver Mxi fishing seatbox system

These are the exclusive first images of the striking new Maver Series 3 Mxi modular seatbox system that will be available from the Redditch-based firm early next year.

It comes with a very reasonable starting price of £249.99 for the standard box, which includes a sturdy mainframe incorporating a heavy duty sliding footplate and single top module that is offered as standard with a choice of either a two-drawer front or two-drawer side tray layout.

The Series 3 Mxi mainframe can then be tailored to suit individual needs by adding further modules from a list that includes a single cross drawer unit, a double cross drawer, double front drawer, 30mm tray, 60mm tray and a large capacity 100mm tray unit. All of the interchangeable stacking modules need to be fitted on top of a 20mm stacking module with runners, priced at £16.99. This allows your combination to slide in and out of the mainframe and lock securely into position for transportation. Once the combination of modules has been decided, all that’s then needed is the final stacking unit lid and handle, priced at £22.99.

The standard fitting pole seat and top drawer unit is independently height adjustable, allowing for further modules to be fitted underneath the seat, providing the buyer with even more build options. However, the unique Series 3 Mxi has a lot more going for it than just multi-facetted module configurations.

Maver has also developed a unique locking system that allows the modules to be used in any order, both above and below the seat, with the location pins sliding securely into position when the locking clip is lifted. All of the trays have been fitted with simple but brilliant robust horizontal moveable plastic dividers that can be arranged to suit your own interior drawer designs.

The large diameter round legs are incredibly stable, and Maver has confirmed that all current Mx box fittings will fit the Series 3. By using a specially-machined clamp fitted inside the four knuckle joints securing the legs to the mainframe, the leg height positioning mechanism pulls the leg securely against the clamp rather than just tightening a screw directly against the leg that can lead to marking and leg slippage.

This new seatbox system should suit serious match or pleasure anglers who visit numerous types of venues throughout the season and need several changes to their kit. By using the top drawers to hold standard accessories such as line, hooks, shot and disgorgers the individual modules could then be used for holding either river, lake or canal winders.

All in all, a superb new product from the Maver stable that should prove to be a winner next year.