Fabulous brace of river thirties

With many of the UK’s stillwaters frozen solid, Nick Peck decided to spend a week fishing on the River Ebro in Spain, where he helped himself to a superb brace of mirror and common carp, both weighing 37lb.

Nick’s trip got off to a flying start with the big mirror falling to the rods of the March, Cambridgeshire-based tennis coach on the first day. Despite doing its best to snag him in a clump of submerged trees, Nick eventually got the better of his quarry, and 10 minutes later was admiring the fish in the bottom of his net.

Several upper-doubles and low twenties then followed suit, before Nick rounded off his trip in style with the impressive common on the final day. With the cold weather also affecting large parts of the Mediterranean, Nick and his guide Gary Allen decided to abandon the much-favoured tactic of heavy baiting and instead fish for  ‘one bite at a time’ by offering Carp Company Tutti Frutti barrel hookbaits in conjunction with small glugged PVA bags of mixed pellets.

“I was delighted with the mirror, as they are extremely rare in the Ebro and it is the first one I’ve ever caught from there,” the 29-year-old told Angling Times. “When I told Gary I had a 30lb-plus mirror in the net he didn’t believe me at first. This is now a record for his guiding company.”

The majority of the fish were caught from the bottom of a drop-off located 60yds from the bank, and fell to rigs tied with 25lb ESP Sink Link and size 7 ESP Raptor D7 hooks.