Essex fishery to install live webcams to film matches

Anglers will soon be able to watch live fishing events from the comfort of their own homes after a commercial water revealed plans to install cameras to air its matches on computer screens worldwide.

The devices will be fitted on large poles in the middle of both lakes at
Redbridge Fishery, in Woodford Green, Essex, and can be programmed to capture set footage of every competitor in turn - or concentrate on the front runners, Fish O’Mania style.

The exciting development is part of venue owner Gordon Bullock’s drive to ‘bring angling into the 21st century’ before the official opening of the complex in July.

He says that anybody in the world will be able to view the matches simply by accessing a link on his website, and the new service will be particularly useful to those who are planning to visit the fishery and are keen to find out vital information, such as the best pegs to head for, plus the methods and baits to use.

“This is the best and most accurate fishery guide you could ever get,”
Gordon told Angling Times.

“I can programme the cameras to spend set times on each peg before moving on so, for example, an angler can draw a certain pitch and tell his mate at home that he will be able to watch him at 12.30pm.

“Anglers who have forthcoming matches at Redbridge will be able to view how to fish the lakes. Similarly, people will be able to watch their fellow anglers and learn their secrets. I plan to make CD highlights of the matches and play them in our café,” he added.

The state-of-the-art camera system will not only open up a whole new world to anglers, but also provide added security against the ever-increasing threat of poachers.

“This will really make anyone think twice about taking any fish or doing anything illegal because every inch of the water can be under surveillance,” Gordon continued.
“Other sports are well in touch with the 21st century, while fishing seems to be lagging behind ¬ but not anymore!”

Former England international Denis White has been at the forefront of coaching and education during his long fishing career. He thinks Gordon’s plans will provide invaluable information for all anglers, whatever their ability.

“I’ve done loads of instructional DVDs in the past few years and I’ve been astounded at how popular they are. These cameras will work in a similar way because any angler with a computer has the opportunity to learn about fishing this water as the action unfolds.

“Any idea that helps to educate anglers while allowing them to share ideas and tactics has to be a step in the right direction,” said Denis.