ESP unveils Mk-2 Paragons

The modern-day carp angler has never had it so good when it comes to the amount of quality yet affordable equipment at their disposal, a fact proved again this week by ESP’s launch of its new Mk-2 Paragon carp rods, which offer a very high level of manufacturing for the same price as half a dozen bags of boilies.

The new range comprises five 12ft rods, all of which boasts SiC guides, DPS screw winch reel seats, abbreviated handles with shrink rubber grips and ESP line clips. The ‘softest’ of the five is a Paragon 2.5lb test curve model, which has a relatively soft through action, making it ideal for small waters when fishing at short-to-medium range.

With an optimum casting weight of between 1oz and 2.5oz, this rod is ideal for small PVA bags and Method feeders, making it particularly suitable for commercial carp waters where the carp have grown to 20lb-plus.

Moving up, the 2.75lb test curve model is suited for use with leads of between 1.5oz and 3oz and will comfortably handle every carp fishing method, from floater fishing with relatively fine tackle to casting small-to-medium PVA bags. For situations where longer casts with bigger baits are required, the 3lb Mk-2 Paragon provides the extra power needed. Despite its extra ‘grunt’, however, the rod will easily cope with most fishing situations, from under the rod tips to long-range work, thanks to the shock-absorbing tip. All three models are priced at £69.95, offering excellent value.

ESP has also launched Mk-2 versions of the popular Paragon Marker and Spod rods, priced at £79.95 apiece. The Marker rod has a 3.5lb tc and is lightweight and well-balanced. It has been built on a rigid blank designed to magnify vibrations from the lead all the way back into the hand, while also boasting enough casting power to make feature finding at extreme range easy.

Finally, with a test curve of 4.5lb, the ESP Paragon Spod has a progressive action, meaning that spods as heavy as 6oz can be cast enormous distances, with heavier payloads of up to 10oz easily manipulated at shorter range. It features a 40mm butt ring plus single leg guides on the tip section to reduce weight and improve balance.