ESP release range of ready-tied chod rigs for carp fishing

Chod rigs have become a ‘must have’ accessory for many modern day carp anglers due to the way they allow perfect presentation over previously ‘unfishable’ areas of thick weed and deep silt.

They are tangle-proof rigs which have exceptionally good anti-eject properties.
Now Oxford-based tackle giant ESP has moved to fill a gap in the market with the launch of a range of ready-tied ‘choddies’ which are sure to be popular.

Combining its tried and trusted Stiff Rig Bristle Filament hooklink, Stiff Rigger hooks and Uni Link swivels, the rigs have been constructed in exactly the same way as those used by legendary carper Terry Hearn.

Tied in ESP’s own production factory, the all-important curve has been pre-set in the filament during the tying process, and special attention has also been paid to the packaging, which helps to retain the curve ready for fishing.

ESP brand manager Dave Ellyatt has high hopes for the product, as he explained.

“For mass-produced ready-tied rigs they really are exceptionally good. I believe the chod rig is a bit of an enigma to a lot of anglers - they can’t help but be aware of its effectiveness due to the amount of coverage it has received over the last few years.

But when it comes to tying it up, a lot of people struggle, with the end result probably being counter productive.

Well, no longer, because now for the first time correctly-tied chod rigs using the best ESP components are available to buy off the shelf.”