Eleven new models expand Greys Prodigy fishing rod range

Historic rod-builder Greys has just announced that it intends to build on its range of best-selling Prodigy carp rods with the introduction of 11 new models, all developed to suit the world of multi-species specimen angling.

All the launches build on years of Prodigy history which dates back to the release of the original and legendary carp-fishing tool that first hit the shops in April 2002.

These quickly built an enviable reputation for offering good-quality blanks, being light in weight and offering a stylish design at an affordable price.

The new line-up will cover every situation, from float fishing for mixed bags through to targeting specimen barbel on flooded rivers.

Greys has kept the key qualities from the original rods very much at the forefront of its design criteria and this is reflected in their powerful slim blanks.

The TX group boasts eight different blanks and are all very competitively priced, starting at £89.99 for both the new two-piece 12ft TX Specialist Float rod, and the 11ft Specialist rod, as well as the three all-round TX Specimen rods that are available with 1.25lb, 1.5lb and 1.75lb test curves.

A three-piece 13ft TX Specialist Float and TX Specialist Feeder are a little dearer at £99.99 apiece, while the top of the range TX Specialist Twin Tip carries a £124.99 price tag.

Above this sits the Prodigy VX range. This really looks to be one for the connoisseur and features two stunning new barbel rods available in both 1.75lb and 2lb test curves, as well as a multi-functional Twin Tip VX, all priced at £149.99.

Greys claims that these rods will follow on from the success of the original Prodigy blanks and is keen to point out that they have been finished with top-quality components, including full sets of hard-wearing SIC line guides, etched butt caps and high modulus blanks.

All are finished with discreet graphics and come with a worldwide warranty which makes them excellent value for money – a point that Greys coarse, carp and sea category manager Andy Charlton was quick to emphasise.

“The new Prodigy TX and VX rods have been calculated to fully suit the requirements of today’s modern specialist angler, with not only their bankside performances but also their retail prices taken into consideration.”

Expect to see these products in shops soon.