Easy2Hook new fishing hook design could start a revolution

These brand new hooks are so original they could spark an angling revolution.

The hooks from Dutch company easy2Hook could be just such an item. They say appearances can be deceiving and, at first, I would have to admit that I was confused ¬ was this product idiocy or innovation? After tying, or rather not tying, a few of the new fascinating hooks my thoughts are very much in the latter camp.

So how do they work? Instead of using a spade-end or an eye to form a knot around, they feature a tiny docking protrusion three-quarters of the way up the back of the shank, and an open curved aperture at the top of the hook.

To attach to a hooklength, simply double over the line, place the loop over the docking point, and then turn it four times around the shank before exiting out through the open curve and trimming off the excess tag - how easy is that?

The hook not only sits perfectly on the line, but it is also said to reduce the line’s breaking strain by just three per cent - quite a claim considering that traditional methods sap line between 20 and 30 per cent.

Tying on a hook has never been easier or safer ¬ a point I put to Paul Smith, boss of Liverpool-based Global Tackle, the UK agent for the product.

“From the moment I spotted easy2Hook, I knew we had discovered angling’s best-kept secret!” he said.

“The concept could revolutionise the way we attach our terminal tackle to our line. This is the biggest innovation fishing has seen for a very, very long time.”